Today people are only interested in making money.

23 Sze

Do you agree with this statement? Well, I do. Because if we think about it, we realise that almost nothing is for free. Okay, we are children (or teenagers), and we don’t really care about money and even the world. But as we are growing up, we realise more and more about how important the money is. For our studies, and parties, and living we all need cash. We can’t trade anymore, we can’t change tons of salt for some new shirts and a pair of shoes. And the more money is the more power. And this has been going on for ages. And also when we have a lot of money, we can improve our lives to be better and better; and make our children live a life they desire. And who wants desperate kids with a bitter way of life?

What if I do not agree with this? Of course we can’t buy anything. We can’t buy (true) friends or love – this is the point when a song comes to open-minded people’s mind, called Can’t buy me love by Beatles. In fact, that song tells everything about the topic. (But not everybody knows it, that’s why I’m writing this.) So, we can’t buy feelings, that’s okay. We can have a lot of money, but it doesn’t mean we are happy. Family, friends and love must be the first in our lives. Pessimists call it ‘to live in pink clouds’ (in hungarian). I don’t know more now about this..

So, it’s sad but it’s true (how society says her life is already over*) that money is more and more important nowadays. Just to end with a smart example: if terrorists kidnap your family, they want what?! Money. Think about that. 😉

Why did I write this in English? I don’t know. Really, I have no idea 😀 Maybe because it was an English class topic…


*just a lyric of a song by Lily Allen. Sorry, but it keeps going on my mind now…


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